Somporn (Zhu), the owner of Ancient Times in Bangkok is not only a specialist in selling South East Asian Antiques and Silver but also offers her purchasing and design expertise to interested overseas buyers like Architects, Interior Decorators, Designers, Collectors, Home Makers and Art Lovers. Zhu studied Interior and Product Design herself at an Italian Design Institute operating in Bangkok and thus easily grasps what overseas buyers need for that house or this apartment or that specific corner of the flat that still looks empty.

               Plan your trip to Bangkok and Thailand by booking a day or two with Zhu assisting you in your purchasing decisions. As a Chinese Thai, she will not tell you outright if an item you have an eye on is not up to standard, but she will insinuate what is a good buy and what should be better avoided. Zhu notices a fake or a repair, while you may not.

Services include

Sourcing for South East Asian Antiques and high-quality Handicraft

Sourcing for hand-crafted Silver Items, even of your own design

Sourcing for South East Asian old and contemporary Furniture

Buying Assistance, to be booked on a per day basis.


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