Ancient Times' owner absorbed the evaluation and classification of South East Asian antiques already with her mothers' milk. Not only her mother but also two of her uncles and her siblings are in the Antique trade with excellent contacts to the often twisted channels of distribution from the source to the market.

Evaluating antiques is not a science but primarily an art. The art of evaluation can only be perfected if one looks at and studies items on a regular basis and stays abreast with the constantly improving production techniques of fakes.

In other words, buying an antique from Ancient Times is a matter of trust in the owner's evaluation abilities and the owners experience for almost twenty years.

Ancient Times specializes in South East Asian Antiques and furniture from exotic places like Tibet and the old “Spanish” Philippines.

       The best antiques are of course the ones that are perfect and have no repair. As for “repaired” antiques, they are as good as the not repaired ones but in less than perfect condition, for as long as the buyer is made aware clearly of any repairs. In “Ancient Times” we tell our customers exactly what they buy; no sales talk, just solid information.

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